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This book is inspired by my son playing a comparison game and my love of chemistry. It's designed to introduce young scientists to key concepts and vocabulary using everyday objects. Encourage children to play and read together with you. Keep it fun and incorporate their answers into your reading. Let's learn about chemistry together!

Order your book today! The book released on June 2nd, 2020.


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What our readers say

Thrilled to see a learn-with-me science book for toddlers: brilliant! What a unique and fresh reminder that our youth are never too young to learn about our world!
Kari Lea Wilhems, Author of Badger's End
"I never thought my 4 year old (and I!) could learn so much chemistry so quickly! What a clever, thoughtful & beautifully put together book. It opened up a whole world of conversations for the two of us, and conveyed huge complexity with joy & ease. Inspired."
Laura Hamm, Author of Fabled
I love this book and plan to share it with all the kids (and their parents) I know. The creative, fun content cultivates curiosity, encourages discussion and promotes learning and appreciation for chemistry and other sciences too. Congratulations to author Dr. Stephanie Ryan. From one author to another, you have my greatest respect and admiration for this special project, bringing to life the fun we can all have learning about chemistry. Bravo!
Anne Bruce Bestselling author of Discover True North, Speak for a Living, and dozens of other books
This is a fabulous book for children who are curious at heart. It’s wonderfully educational, something that really satisfies an inquisitive child's mind. Our children’s capacity to learn is infinite. I recommend this book for young children who are science-oriented or simply interested in knowing more about how things work. It's illustrated so nicely that my son easily learnt about chemistry in a fun and interesting way.
Leesa McGregor - Social Entrepreneur & Author of A New Alphabet for Humanity
"Matter and mixtures and microscopes, oh my! Let's Learn About Chemistry by Stephanie Ryan, PhD will capture the attention of any future chemist. Chemistry is often a difficult subject area to approach for young children, but Ryan engages her readers by turning chemistry into a fun matching game. By the end of the book, children will be able to compare and contrast the basic chemical makeup of things they see and use every day. Let's Learn About Chemistry is a great resource for both parents and teachers!"
Jenn Dlugos, author of: Awesome Space Tech, Bizarre Space: A Kid’s Guide to Our Strange, Unusual Universe, and the Things That Make You Go Yuck! series
Dr. Stephanie Ryan has achieved something special here! Making science fun and relatable for children is no easy task, but 'Let's Learn About Chemistry" is the perfect blend of education and entertainment for your aspiring scientist.
A.M. Pfeffer, Author of
“Let’s Learn About Chemistry” by Dr. Ryan shows that basic chemical principles are not beyond the scope of young children. Through the context of children playing together, key concepts such as physical vs. chemical changes, states of matter, and molecular representations are introduced using vivid illustrations and approachable dialogue. Highly recommended for parents with young children. I look forward to seeing additional offerings by this author, as books of this genre are in great need to foster interest in STEM fields at a young age.
Bradley Fahlman, Editor in Chief of Chemistry in Context
"By posing interactive questions for children to ponder, Dr. Ryan’s delightful new book puts the FUN in the FUNdamentals of chemistry!"
Bill Sullivan, Author of Pleased to Meet Me
“The great thing about this book is how it follows the natural curiosity of children and their questions, to point to simple, relatable things in the world that chemistry can explain.”
Donald J. Wink, Author of The Practice of Chemistry
"By using games to teach children chemistry, Stephanie has created a fun, engaging, and orderly book that is sure to please. I love the bold, brightly colored illustrations."
Paul Krieger, M.S., author of A Visual Analogy Guide to Chemistry
A fun, colorful way to learn foundational chemistry.
Nathan Schreiber of Science Ninjas
This is a wonderful book for parent and child to learn about chemistry together! Toddlers and kids will be drawn in by the fun illustrations and bright colors, and more in-depth explanations are provided for the parents – perfect for the parent whose child keeps asking “why, why why!” The book lends itself to all types of discussions and comparisons and can be used for years as the child’s understanding of science and chemistry deepens. Adults are often surprised at children’s interest and aptitude in sophisticated scientific concepts and “Let’s Learn about Chemistry” is a great way to support your junior scientist’s curiosity about the world.
Dr. Olivia Mullins is Founder and Executive Director of Science Delivered, a science education nonprofit that focuses on elementary school students. She is also a former neuroscientist ... and wrote "Experimenting with Science".