STEM education can easily complement home life with the right guidance and some simple ingredients found in the home. Here, children can learn about the basics of science and chemistry in a fun and playful environment. With plenty of at-home experiments to try and chemistry basics to explore, teaching your children and learning alongside them in the field of science has never been easier.

You don’t need a chemistry degree to do science with your kids! @letslearnaboutscience is a resource for parents and teachers to find STEM activities, STEM toys and STEM books. You can use ingredients you might already have at home to learn about science and the world around us. We also provide parents with questions you can ask to inspire your child to learn more about science and explore their world.

@letslearnaboutscience sometimes features worksheets to help parents and teachers supplement the activities we provide. Check back frequently to see what resources we offer.

You can help your child build a strong foundation in chemistry and foster a life-long love of science and experimentation. This can set the stage early on for careers in chemistry, science, and any other STEM-related fields.

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Let’s Learn About Chemistry
by Stephanie Ryan

As an introduction to chemistry and STEM, Let’s Learn About Chemistry features lessons meant for science students of all ages, from toddlers to college students. This science-based educational tool provides an interactive learning space for young scientists to explore the world around them, focusing on observation to determine which of these is not like the other.

Follow Charlie, Elizabeth, Oscar, and Lydia as they learn about the periodi symbols and the different states of matter. They’ll use everyday objects to learn about solids, liquids, and gases. A look at the periodic table of elements will begin a foundation in chemistry, with real-world games provided to put these concepts into action. Kids will learn about the differences between soluble and insoluble materials, as well as scientific words they can use to talk about what they’ve learned. Help your child build a strong foundation in the basics of science using the scientific method to develop and test a hypothesis. Inspire curiosity and a desire for science learning that will continue to serve your child as they further their education and potential science-related and/or STEM career.

Let’s Learn About Chemistry makes learning about science accessible and interactive. At-home chemistry activities and experiments serve as a starting point, encouraging young scientific minds to continue learning about the different aspects of natural science. From basic lessons in chemistry to free science learning resources, Let’s Learn About Chemistry opens the door to the STEM community, where life-long learning continues to push the boundaries of science as we know it.

Stephanie Ryan’s Let’s Learn About Chemistry is available from Itasca Books, Amazon, and your favorite local bookstore as either a board book or ebook.

Let’s Learn About Chemistry was nominated for the LITTLE PEEPS Book Awards for Early Readers Long List in 2020. The K-12 learn chemistry at home book was a finalist for the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Children’s/Juvenile (Non-Fiction), and the 15th Annual 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for Children’s Non-Fiction and Picture Books: Preschool categories.