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A dynamic speaker and compassionate educator, Stephanie Ryan brings a fresh, engaging approach to learning science at home. Drawing from her experiences as a mother teaching her young son, she knows what it’s like to educate children about science, from the struggles parents face in making science interesting to the lack of resources available for at-home experiments.

To bridge this gap in science education, Stephanie has spoken on numerous occasions to bring about awareness of science and STEM education at home. As a guest speaker and writer, she tackles topics such as how to learn science at home, experiments parents can do with commonplace materials, and ways to make science interesting for kids. Encouragement and support characterize her particular teaching method, which stems from personal experiences teaching her son Charlie about the world of science around him.

As a woman in STEM, she understands and values the opportunities within science that impact our daily lives. At the same time, her teaching methods make science approachable. Her knack for simplifying complex concepts into digestible lessons acts as a guidepost in her approach to teaching science to young minds. Building a foundation of curiosity and play in science for her son and many other children around the world, Stephanie Ryan continues to be active in the scientific community. Her book Let’s Learn About Chemistry is her latest endeavor to introduce children to the concepts of science without overwhelming them with complexities. Stephanie is continually seeking opportunities to connect with audiences on how they can introduce science to their children. She is available for both print and online collaborations to spread the word about science and show that it can be for everyone. You don’t have to be a scientist to learn about the science already in action around you.

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